Do I need to book beforehand?

Reservations are not required, we do have a booking side just incase you want to book in advance !Booking Site

Am I able to wait there until my child is done?

Yes, We encourage parents to stay as we are a paint studio not a daycare.

Thank you for understanding :)

Are we able to take figures home the same day?

Figures will not dry same day but you can take them home if you’d like to. Transporting them will be up to you. (To-go boxes are very limited) We offer to hold them for a week, after a week we do not guarantee it will still be at the studio due to drying space.

How much is a session?

We charge by the size of the figure chosen. No additional charges, everything is included.

Are we able to pick up a kit?

Of course, we have take home kits available at our location or you can order online and we’ll have it ready for pick up.

Figure Sizes row


Small Bear: 6.5in tall

OG Bear: 9in tall

Large: 12.5in tall

KAWS: 9.5in tall

Hello Kitty: 7.5in tall

Rockstar: 9in tall

Rabbit: 8.5in tall


We do not take returns if items has been used and/or opened (including paint bottles). Figures must be in the same condition as it was shipped (zero paint on figure). Make sure you return the item within 14days after that you’re not entitled to a refund. Shipping costs will not be refunded.

Only refundable if item is returned in its original state. With a restocking fee applied.